Why study in the UK? What are the advantages? (Guest Post)

(image source: www.bellerbys.com)

(image source: http://www.bellerbys.com)

The UK has been welcoming international students for a long time now. After the United States, the UK is the next popular destination as far as education is concerned. The qualifications are recognised internationally and a guarantee of your value as a future employee. On top, London is one of main start-ups markets, which means that every year, new job opportunities are created for ambitious and strong candidates.

But there is something else that makes studying here an amazing experience. You see, you cannot study in the UK, and in general, you cannot study in a different country without becoming a part of that country. There are the little things, the little stories that add that unmistakable flavour.

Let’s see:

  • The Brits have a positive attitude towards life; things will eventually work out – and you know what? – They do!
  • If you think that an appellative like  “love”or “darling” is something peculiar to British stand-up comedians…well, you’re wrong. It’s quite common to be called like this if you’re a lady, so don’t feel offended by this or take it too personally. The same goes with “mate”!
  • It rains, indeed, but because of this everything is green the entire year. There are no depressing grey autumns or winters – and that’s something! On top, the Brits do know how to enjoy a sunny day
  • Visit some local markets and you can find plenty of fruit and vegetables at some very good prices. They are sold in “bowls” which is rather peculiar, but also attractive. As a student, you do need vitamins
  • If you fancy a nice lunch, you may want to try the local pubs. They do offer nice meals, and some have special prices or special offers like Fish Friday or Curry Day. Better try one of these than buy some standard sandwiches.
  • “Cheerios” is still used! Try this instead of “good bye”. It might not come in too handy, but it’ll make you feel more “British”!
  • Public transport is quite good; it’s not cheap, but tubes run really often  – you hardly wait 2 minutes for the next one. That’s impressive, knowing that the British tube is one of the oldest in Europe
  • From the UK you can easily visit the rest of Europe while on break from your studies. Easy Jet and Wizz Air have some great destinations with very good prices. Or try Megabus if you’re not in a hurry to reach your destinations
  • As an international student, you are legally entitles to work up to 20 hours a week. This will help you gain extra experience and will most definitely help you with your finances

Studying in a different country is definitely a complex topic which does not limit to studying from textbooks and professors. It is the rest of the colleagues, their culture and tradition, as well as the tradition of the country of study that defines the graduation diploma. Objectively speaking, the UK is a great place to study not just because of the top colleges and universities, but because of the already multicultural aspect. European students choose it because it’s closer to home, and US students choose it because of the common language. So go for it!

This post was contributed by Corina David on behalf of Bellerbys College, a welcoming college for international students. Their courses range from foundation courses to pre-master courses and are specially designed to help students achieve their goals.

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