5 Careers You Can Have with a Business Degree (Guest Post)

Earning your bachelor’s degree in business could help you jumpstart your career after graduation. Working within a business industry may be an exciting way to put your degree to good use. Here are five potential careers you might have with a college degree in business.

Considering a career in business?  (Photo by SalFalko via Flickr)

Considering a career in business? (Photo by SalFalko via Flickr)

Retail manager. So you are considered a fashionista and have a hard time not making a purchase when the shoes sales are calling. If you would like to oversee sales teams and don’t mind working nights or weekends in a retail setting, then a career as a retail manager might be a great career for you. Retail managers might travel frequently, set goals for their team members, try to increase sales, and create training programs. They typically earn around $98,530 a year and the job outlook is supposed to be as fast as average for all careers.

Advertising manager. Advertising managers try to drum up interest in different products, brands, or services. They might negotiate contracts, conduct research in order to plan ad campaigns, and meet with clients to provide advertising advice. At times, they might have to come up with budgets for particular advertising campaigns. They make around $108,260 per year and usually have a minimum of a bachelor’s, in addition to some work experience in the field.

Construction manager. Have you always liked to swing a hammer and been excited about the building process? In the construction field, managers usually earn $83,860 per year and have varied job functions such as coming up with cost estimates for jobs, figuring out about how long each job should take until completion, and even hiring subcontractors and laborers. Construction managers might be called project managers or general contractors because they typically oversee various building projects such as commercial or residential jobs. The job outlook is expected to grow around 17% and is as fast as usual for all careers.

Hospitality manager. You’ve been known to make others feel at home when they visit and you have perfected the role of “hostess with the mostess.” How about a career as a hospitality manager? Hospitality mangers try to make sure that their guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. An average salary per year for these managers is $46,880 and most large-scale hotels prefer their hospitality managers to have at least a bachelor’s degree. If greeting guests and answering any questions they may have sounds like a dream to you, then you should look into becoming a hospitality manager.

Management Analyst. Do others tell you that you are organized and efficient? Are you detail-oriented as well? Then a career as a management analyst might be a good fit for you. Management analysts try to come up with ways that a company might run more efficiently. They could look at financial information, create solutions to problems, and make recommendations for improvements. The annual pay is around $78,160 per year and you should have at least a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions.

Entering into a business related career may be an exciting move for you after college graduation. Sometimes all you need to do to get started is to begin researching potential careers. Read detailed job descriptions, find out what cities offer career opportunities in your area of interest, and speak with a career counselor on your college campus for more information about business jobs that intrigue you.

Pamela Rossow is a freelance writer who works with higher education clients such as eLearners. She is a native South Floridian who enjoys photography, literature, and hockey. You can follow her on Google+.

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