Free College Event for Parents and Teens

This is a great event for parents and teens in Ohio!  Click here to register.

YourTeen college event



Listing of High School & College Websites

So, I’ve been doing some marketing research for my upcoming book The Secrets of Top Students – formerly called The Valedictorian’s Guide – and I compiled a list of websites (and some print media) related to high school and college. This list is far from comprehensive, but I thought some people might find it useful. I categorized them as follows:

  1. College / General Education News & Advice
  2. College Admission Advice & Consultants
  3. Websites for Parents of High School/ College Students
  4. SAT Prep
  5. Scholarship/ Financial Aid Websites
  6. College Life Advice
  7. Websites for Online Education and Adults Going Back to School
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Magazines & Newspapers for Students and Parents

Do you have a favorite education website not mentioned here?  Feel free to leave a reply below.

College / General Education News & Advice [college advice, news] [college advice, forums] [college advice, news] [college advice, news] [advice, rankings] [college news, advice] [advice for Chicago teens] [articles about education, learning] [education news] [news and classifies for college students] [news for college students] [college news] [college news] [Ivy League news] [from NBC News] [NYC school news] [college news] [articles for teachers, students] [academics discuss education]

College Admission Advice & Consultants
(Note: many of these sites also have blogs on education issues) [admissions, college advice] [college planning, SAT prep] [admissions advice, forums] [admissions advice, news] [advice for admissions, careers] [admissions advice] [college admissions blog] [admissions advice] [Allen Grove’s college apps site] [admissions advice] [college consulting] [admissions counseling website] [admissions counseling website] [admissions advice] [admissions advice] [admissions advice] [college coach] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultants] [admissions counseling] [admissions advice] [college planning] [school search/ consultants] [college consultants] [college consultant] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consulting] [college consultant]

Websites for Parents of High School/ College Students [advice for parents] [advice for parents of teens] [help for visiting colleges] [advice for parents] [advice for parents] [ site for parents of teens] [national PTA]

SAT Prep [SAT prep] [SAT prep] [SAT prep] [SAT prep]

Scholarship/ Financial Aid Websites [scholarship help] [financial advice for college] [college scholarships and advice]

College Life Advice [college, life advice for women] [advice for choosing a major] [for students in need of internships] [advice for college women] [advice about colleges, college life] [lifestyle tips for college women] [college life blog] [college life] [college advice] [college, learning advice] [college advice] [college and tech advice] [college advice] [college advice]

Websites for Online Education and Adults Going Back to School [advice for online education] [advice for students returning to college] [advice for adults going back to school] [advice for online degrees]

Miscellaneous [a map with links to college newspapers] [academic advice] [website, blog for teachers] [site for teachers] [advice for first generation college students] [high school ed expert] [education admin/ expert] [site for high school students] [advocacy for education] [advice for educators] [education tools and apps]

Magazines & Newspapers for Students and Parents

Girl’s Life [magazine for teen girls,

Justine [magazine for teen girls,

Seventeen Magazine

Working Mother Magazine []

Your Teen Magazine []

Education Update [NYC newspaper and website,]

Manhattan Family [Newspaper and website, mostly for parents of younger kids but some stuff relating to teens,]

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