SAT vs. ACT – Which One Should You Take?

Navigating the maze of requirements needed just to apply to college can be overwhelming and daunting. Between keeping your GPA up, writing the perfect college essay, acing the interview, and finding time for all your extracurricular activities, you barely have time to figure out and prepare for the standardized tests most colleges and universities require. Prospective college students are faced with two options: the ACT and the SAT. Standardized testing is painful enough once through—why take two unless it’s necessary? Especially when each test costs between $30 and $50—and most people take the test more than once. All you have to do is figure out which one is right for you.

This infographic by BenchPrep gives you a great overview of the major differences between the two standardized tests. If you’re applying to schools along the East or West coast, the SAT might be a better option. Does science comes naturally to you, but you struggle with writing under pressure? Better stick with the ACT. Regardless of which test you pick, make the most of each test by ensuring that you are mentally and physically prepared. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before (no cramming!) and eat a protein packed breakfast to provide fuel for the marathon of a test. And relax—no matter how important the test seems, it is only one component of a complete picture that the college sees.
By Marcela De Vivo


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Listing of High School & College Websites

So, I’ve been doing some marketing research for my upcoming book The Secrets of Top Students – formerly called The Valedictorian’s Guide – and I compiled a list of websites (and some print media) related to high school and college. This list is far from comprehensive, but I thought some people might find it useful. I categorized them as follows:

  1. College / General Education News & Advice
  2. College Admission Advice & Consultants
  3. Websites for Parents of High School/ College Students
  4. SAT Prep
  5. Scholarship/ Financial Aid Websites
  6. College Life Advice
  7. Websites for Online Education and Adults Going Back to School
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Magazines & Newspapers for Students and Parents

Do you have a favorite education website not mentioned here?  Feel free to leave a reply below.

College / General Education News & Advice [college advice, news] [college advice, forums] [college advice, news] [college advice, news] [advice, rankings] [college news, advice] [advice for Chicago teens] [articles about education, learning] [education news] [news and classifies for college students] [news for college students] [college news] [college news] [Ivy League news] [from NBC News] [NYC school news] [college news] [articles for teachers, students] [academics discuss education]

College Admission Advice & Consultants
(Note: many of these sites also have blogs on education issues) [admissions, college advice] [college planning, SAT prep] [admissions advice, forums] [admissions advice, news] [advice for admissions, careers] [admissions advice] [college admissions blog] [admissions advice] [Allen Grove’s college apps site] [admissions advice] [college consulting] [admissions counseling website] [admissions counseling website] [admissions advice] [admissions advice] [admissions advice] [college coach] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultants] [admissions counseling] [admissions advice] [college planning] [school search/ consultants] [college consultants] [college consultant] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultant] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consultants] [college consulting] [college consultant]

Websites for Parents of High School/ College Students [advice for parents] [advice for parents of teens] [help for visiting colleges] [advice for parents] [advice for parents] [ site for parents of teens] [national PTA]

SAT Prep [SAT prep] [SAT prep] [SAT prep] [SAT prep]

Scholarship/ Financial Aid Websites [scholarship help] [financial advice for college] [college scholarships and advice]

College Life Advice [college, life advice for women] [advice for choosing a major] [for students in need of internships] [advice for college women] [advice about colleges, college life] [lifestyle tips for college women] [college life blog] [college life] [college advice] [college, learning advice] [college advice] [college and tech advice] [college advice] [college advice]

Websites for Online Education and Adults Going Back to School [advice for online education] [advice for students returning to college] [advice for adults going back to school] [advice for online degrees]

Miscellaneous [a map with links to college newspapers] [academic advice] [website, blog for teachers] [site for teachers] [advice for first generation college students] [high school ed expert] [education admin/ expert] [site for high school students] [advocacy for education] [advice for educators] [education tools and apps]

Magazines & Newspapers for Students and Parents

Girl’s Life [magazine for teen girls,

Justine [magazine for teen girls,

Seventeen Magazine

Working Mother Magazine []

Your Teen Magazine []

Education Update [NYC newspaper and website,]

Manhattan Family [Newspaper and website, mostly for parents of younger kids but some stuff relating to teens,]

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