Jeopardy! Pays Homage to Queens, NY

Street art in Astoria

Street art in Astoria

Hell Gate Bridge, Astoria Park

Hell Gate Bridge, Astoria Park

I was so excited yesterday to see a whole category devoted to my hometown – Queens, NY – on Jeopardy! last night! What’s more, there was even a $2,000 question about my neighborhood:

It ain’t no Waldorf, but this neighborhood has lots of Greeks, & Telly’s Taverna–To Die For.

The answer? What is Astoria.

I have to say, though, I was a little disappointed by Alex Trebek’s accent. He sounded like a cross between a gangster and Fran Drescher. People from Queens do not sound like that.

Here’s a link to all the questions from last night’s Queens category.

Also check out my Ode to Astoria post.

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Ode to Astoria

I’m taking a short break from education issues to explore the town where I was born, raised, and still live: Astoria, Queens. I’ve seen Astoria grow from a working class, mostly Greek neighborhood to a haven for young urban professionals. The Greeks are still here though, and they’ve been joined by large numbers of Egyptians, Brazilians, and countless others. Needless to say, the food here is phenomenal.

Fun fact: Astoria was named for John Jacob Astor, in an attempt to persuade him to give the town lots of money. The ploy didn’t work too well, though – he forked over only $500 and never even set foot in the place.

The weather was so nice last weekend that I took my camera out and photographed some of my favorite local spots. Hope you like them.

A view of Hell Gate Bridge from Astoria Park

A strange Astoria mural - on Steinway Street

My favorite church in Astoria: St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Monastery

A store window in Little Egypt, Steinway Street

Some local fare - Greek salad at Taverna Kyclades

Tour of the Steinway piano factory. You have to sign up in advance to go on the tour. Their phone number is (718) 721-2600.

Hawks live in Astoria - here's one on my air conditioner!