Re: Rating Stuyvesant High School

There’s an interesting take on my alma mater, from the students’ point of view. Not surprisingly, fastidious Stuy students are way harder on their school than the NYC Department of Education, which gave the school an A. See the article Rating Stuyvesant High School.

The Stuyvesant Spectator editorial board gave the following grades to their school:

Mathematics B-
Biology B
Chemistry B+
Physics C+
English A-
Social Studies B+
World Languages B-
Computer Science A-
Technology B
Music & Fine Arts B
Student Services B/B-
Facilities B+
Quality of Student Life B-

For a math/science school, the humanities are rated quite highly at Stuyvesant. I always thought that AP European History was one of the best classes I’d ever taken. By the way, if a Stuy student got this kind of report card, he/she would be in tears.

I especially like this part about quality of student life:

“For students who can manage their homework and studies, Stuyvesant offers a wide range of extracurriculars that can satisfy nearly every student’s interests. However, for what seems to be the majority of students, extracurriculars can seem like an extra burden piled upon heaps of coursework and mountains of textbooks. The atmosphere of constant competition with both other students and one’s own personal standards is highly stressful and can encourage massive sleep deprivation for those who are inept at prioritization and time management.”

You know what, I’m glad I’m not in high school anymore.

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