Liberal Arts Easier?

The Wall Street Journal published the article “Students Pick Easier Majors Despite Less Pay,” by Joe Light and Rachel Emma Silverman, on 11/9/11.  A few comments.  I dislike the use of the word “easier” – I know lots of people who find science and technology easier than the liberal arts.  They’d much rather code than write a history paper or read a book.  It’s just more natural for them.  I also disagree with the statement that “introductory courses [in science and technology] are often difficult and abstract.”  In my experience, the introductory courses are the easiest, and the advanced courses are killer.  But maybe that’s just the program I went to.  As for math/science/tech classes taking more time, well, I probably studied more as a history major than as a CS major, because I had hundreds of pages of reading to do every week.  Maybe there are some liberal arts majors that take less time, but history is not one of them.  I know that lots of students are being pushed to go into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, but we shouldn’t forget that the humanities are important – and challenging – too!

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One thought on “Liberal Arts Easier?

  1. I completely agree. My boyfriend is an information systems major and his classes are easy. I was an English major and a history minor. My weekly workload was equal to what he did in three weeks. I personally found all of my math and computer classes simple and less time consuming, but I think it depends on the person.

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