GRE vs. the GMAT: Which Should You Take?

By Marcela De Vivo
Whether you’re still clutching your newly minted diploma, or have been in the workforce for a decade, getting a graduate degree can be a smart career move, especially in the world of business. If you’re looking to earn a Master’s or MBA, more standardized testing is in your near future. The GRE is required for most graduate school programs, but the GMAT is more likely to be the test needed for MBA programs. There are other major differences between the two tests, so pick one that suits your strengths. These tests are also much pricier and involve even more studying than the testing required for undergrad applications, so most students don’t take more than one. Make sure you pick the right test to help you get into the graduate program of your dreams.

This infographic by BenchPrep Inc. can help you decide between the GRE and GMAT. If you’re planning on getting an MBA, make sure that the schools of your choice will accept a GRE instead of a GMAT, as not all schools accept GREs in place of GMATs. If you have stronger math skills than writing ability, the GMAT may be better suited to your proficiencies. Take a look at the major differences below.


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